Tales Of The Rings

One indirect, yet extremely common roadsign has to do with third-finger-left-hand rings. Almost every man has a “tale of the ring”.

Wedding Rings

When you fall in love with a woman you ply her with gifts, the ultimate being a ring as a pledge of love and loyalty. It is a symbol of commitment. Some time ago, women began to reciprocate; mutual commitment was sealed by an exchange of rings.

When love begins to fail, the ring begins to oppress. It is a chafing reminder of painful moments, unsettled conflicts, the souring dreams, the detour of hope. It is no wonder that a woman – in a love gone wrong – would want to cleanse herself of that peripatetic and constant reminder. What happens most often is that the ring, and its removal, becomes an indirect message, or roadsign, pointing towards the demise of a good relationship.


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