Scaling New Heights

Recently, I picked up a new sport. Rock climbing. I think it also goes by another name which is bouldering.

It was something that I had always wanted to do but never really did managed to find time. For one, I’m afraid of heights. So right after the break up (which will be another blog post altogether), I thought, this would be the best time to just go and do it. I totally enjoy the feeling. I’ve been to about more than 10 climbs and it gets better every time. I try to climb at least twice a week.

Climbing 01I’m glad to report that I can climb walls of Level 5c and above. It’s also becoming a weekly affair with my colleagues. It’s a positive energy since we make it a point to leave the office by 6.30pm to ensure that we manage to reach the indoor gym on time. It’s a very safe sport since you’re actually wearing a harness and have to be certified to be able to belay anyone else. And in the end, as a climber, you have to trust the person who is belaying you.

Ultimately, I think the main thing about climbing is that you should know and register this thought in your brain: it doesn’t matter if you slip because you are not going to fall or hurt yourself since there is someone holding on to you. It’s that simple but trusting someone with your life is tough, I know.

I’ve had bruises and scrapped my knees badly but the feeling of being able to reach the last tile is just indescribable. I’ve also learnt that I am the boss of my body. This means, it will listen to what i want it to do. So now, all my gym gears are out, after having a 4 years hiatus.

What’s next? I’m trying to get my friends to visit the outdoor natural rock climbing places. Sounds scary but it’s all safe. Sometimes you just gotta take that big leap of faith. I know, easier said than done? You only live once, hey?

Where do I climb?
Climber’s Laboratory
48, Toh Guan Road East,
#05-153, Enterprise Hub,
Singapore 608586


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