Because Everything Is A Journey

True to what I’m going through right now, especially from 1.40 onwards. You can only do and try so much to make sure that everything will work out according to your plan but if it’s going to fail eventually, it will fail. Things don’t always go to your plan and you can only plan so much. So what do you do after? That is the … Continue reading Because Everything Is A Journey

Current Playlist

A good playlist changes your mood. My music choice reflects what I’m feeling at that particular moment – like now. I’ve always loved women singer-songwriter combo which you can see from the list below. Have a go. Ingrid Michealson – You & I Katy Perry – Unconditionally Lorde – Ribs Ellie Goulding – This Love Will Be Your Downfall Lucy Spraggan – Last Night Continue reading Current Playlist

Breaking Out The Prism

I’ve been listening to Katy Perry’s latest album Prism for awhile now. There’s only one reason why I’ve been listening to it; solely because of the lyrics that comes with these three songs: By The Grace Of God, It Takes Two and Unconditionally. If you’ve read all my previous entries, you would know why. It’s because of the painful breakup that I’m going through. I’ve not … Continue reading Breaking Out The Prism

There Is Only So Much Heartache A City Can Take

Typhoon Haiyan hit the eastern city of Tacloban, Philippines just a couple of days ago and the devastation can be felt all the way to Singapore. I don’t need to say how many Filipino friends I have but the main reason why I’m writing this post is simple: We need to help these people who have been affected. We need to help them rebuild their … Continue reading There Is Only So Much Heartache A City Can Take

A Short Detour To Happiness Before Getting Old

I remember my brother telling me that once a person hit his or her 20s, the age will just flash by. It’s true but when one hits 30s, time, really flies; like sh|t really goes by without we knowing it. I used to worry getting old. Wrinkles? Yes. Being single? Yes. Will I have enough money? Yes. Will I ever have a child? Yes. Nitty … Continue reading A Short Detour To Happiness Before Getting Old