How Long Will I Love You?

After three failed relationships, it’s safe to say that I should probably be angry with love or worst, would have given up on love by now.
Mind you, all my relationships are those ‘in-a-long-relationship-which-we-both-agree-that-this-will-lead-to-marriage’ kind of thing. All three lasted more than two years. So you can see why I’ve said previously that in an actual world, I should probably be angry or given up on love (or men in general, eh?). I don’t and possibly won’t either.

That’s because love is a beautiful thing. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of love it is. Love for your parents, God or even that special someone. I admit that it hurts when it doesn’t work out but as humans, we become stronger. With a huge leapt of faith, great energy from friends and buckets full of ice cream, we will definitely get over the hard times and from there what? We move on to this great thing called love. When you’re at your lowest, the only thing you can do is to just go up.

After breaking up with S (the ex), I went through hell and back. To get over it, I did everything the Internet asked me to. I travelled, got a new hobby, do lots of sports, get to know new people, spend time with friends and everything else that you can think of. After two and a half months, safe to say, I think I am well to being better than ‘OK’. In fact, after the first month, I already know that I’m never going to give up on love. The fact is that the feeling of being in love outweighs the feeling of being out of love.

Someone asked me the other day if I would guard my heart more the next time around I fall in love. I think as humans, we’ve always been guarding our hearts, what’s the difference when one falls in love then? My response was that the next time I fall in love, it will still be beautiful. In fact, the next time around, I’ll love and trust even harder than before. Why? Because love really is the most beautiful thing.


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