Do Good To Others And Your Heart Will Be Filled

I’ve always believe in the mantra “Do good to others and your heart will be filled”. If you quickly scan through the About me page, you will see that my sign off is be kind to one another. Of course, that line was stolen from Ellen DeGeneres. She will always say that line everyday at the end of her show. One good deed shouldn’t just stop there. We need to pass it around. Today, I stumbled upon a video of Sara Bareilles singing Brave with 4 year old kid. Joshua is suffering from Leukemia and had wanted to sing with her on stage and as any good celebrity would do, she invited him on stage and what came out of it was just magical.

It goes to show that not everything in this world is bad. With everything going around in the world today, there is still hope.

When I restarted this blog, it had been an outlet for me to grieve over the last relationship which failed but now, this blog is slowly turning into something positive, something good. And I like this change. It became a blog which have positive posts and I hope that it’s doing good to others who are going through the same thing as I am or worst. Let me quote something that I’ve posted earlier. It’s such a powerful quote from Ellen DeGeneres that it’s making me live it. “When your heart is broken, when you have cracks in your heart, it lets the light in, it lets the sun in.”

And I can finally see this light and the sun is glaring in my eyes, in a very good way. Good days ahead.


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