And I Call It Work

Yes, oh what a day it has been.

It’s Friday here Singapore, 7.02pm while I write this. I work in advertising if some of you do not know. Usually, many people classify our industry as all fun and games where we come to work in cool clothes. Uniqueness and individuality is championed and speaking your mind is a necessity. I’ve been in the industry for a little over ten years and have come across various individuals. From the kindness of them all to those with really ‘special’ needs. I do get irritated but as I move on with life (which means, getting older), I tend to always turn my disagreements with clients (that’s what we call them) to an open discussion. In more ways that one, usually, it’s because they cannot get their point across thus the unclear messages being sent across.

I’ve seen my juniors losing their cool and throwing tantrums after putting their phone down. Looking at them and how they are coping, I used to get pretty upset but now, I think it’s just a matter of them going through the baptism of fire. More than every, I firmly believe that everything comes with experience.

Today though has been especially challenging. It’s to a point where I could actually just kick someone in the nuts. If you know me, I handle my stress pretty well. I don’t do the usual tantrum throwing, scream at others or chuck things around. There’s so many ways for me to approach this. And what did I do?

I walked away. Because I know when I’m composed and my thoughts are collected, I’ll deal with it the best way I know how and it will just have to be later.


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