Happiness is a choice. It’s up to you to grab it. 

I find joy in doing the littlest things like going out for brunch with my girlfriends, taking care of my friends’ babies or just surprising my loved ones. Simple things that just jazz up yours and their lives.

While in Shanghai, I visited a very close girlfriend of mine and she whined about her work. Mind you, she is a cancer survivor and in just a span of 6 months, she went back to work. True survivor. During my last visit to Shanghai, she was more calm and I liked her approach on life. Now, she’s just so full of angst and frustrations which worries me. I told her that I hated what she has become and she agreed. When I came back to Singapore, I sent her a dozen lilies and it made her day. More importantly, the lilies carried a note which said the same thing that I’ve mentioned above.

Today, I sent out a note to all my clients (soon to be ex-clients) since it’s my last day at work. It came along a note which said:
Life’s short, so remember to enjoy what you’re doing. Everything else is secondary.

A client responded to inform me that it’s a ‘priceless quote’.

At this point in my life, I’ve reached a destination; everything in my life is up to me (and God) and only I can make it happen or I can be the person to break it apart and tear it up in pieces. When you reach a cross point in life where would you head? Make sure you make the right choice.


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