Life’s Beautiful

As cliche as this entry would get, I think it’s a standard procedure for everyone to write an entry which will reflect what had happened to them in the past year just so that it would be a ‘reflection’ entry. It was after all my birthday, yesterday.

So many things happened in the past year. Again, as cliche as it sounds, everything happened for a reason. And now, I can safely say that I am beginning to see the reasons.

With every shit hitting the roof, I can safely say that I’ve come out stronger and more importantly have (hopefully) morphed into a better person. I just don’t get angry anymore. I just brush it off and hope that karma would just bite the person who pisses me off in the ass. I take everything with a pinch of salt. I don’t take life that seriously as how I used to. I’m not uptight with things not going my way anymore because if it’s not meant to be, it’s not then. I cherish the everyday moments more. I love my family, friends and myself more. It easier to give smiles than be having a pissed-off face all day. Life’s not at all bad; in fact it is beautiful. Very beautiful. Make the best out of it.


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