Of Patience, Redha & Believing

Good things come to those who wait. I truly believe this.

In many instances, this have happened to me. But more importantly, I believe that once you’ve left your decision in the hands of God, trust that He will deliver. Even if He don’t deliver it, you will get something else, something better. Whatever you’ve asked for, God will always give you the best for what you want or need. He will never give you something that is too big that you can’t handle. Or something too small that you could never see its importance. Just believe in Him.

In my earlier post, I’ve written about ‘Redha‘ which means that I am at peace with God and His decisions. If you whole heartedly believe this, what I’ve written in the previous paragraph would be easier for you. This means that you will not have any disappointment, if you’ve left your decisions with God because you’re simply not attached to this ‘thing’ that you’ve asked for. So what’s the lesson learnt? It’s that you shouldn’t be attached to the worldly things around you. Once you’ve gotten rid of all your attachments, it’s easier for you to actually not expect anything from anyone or for that matter, God, thus saving you from any disappointments.

I’ve broken down this theory into simple mathematics:

  • No attachments + Pray & work for the ‘thing’ that you want = Redha
  • Redha + Pray & work for the ‘thing’ that you want = No disappointment
  • Attachments + Redha = Disappointment
  • Attachments + Pray & work for the ‘thing’ that you want = Anger & Disappointment (because you’re expecting something in return)

Because when we pray, it is to tell God that there is none worthy of worship except Allah (swt). It’s not to ask for things to happen. It’s a form of submission. Sure, we may argue that it is to get something from God but it’s not really ‘getting’ isn’t it? It’s actually ‘asking’ rather than ‘getting’ from Him. You can ask for everything in the world but if He won’t grant it for you, nothing will ever happen.

So, what does this tell you? Be thankful for what we have first. Once we’re thankful for the life that we have, we won’t see the need to get anything else.

Sun sets over Manila
The sun setting over beautiful Manila

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