Why Breaking Up With Someone Is Never Mutual

Relationships involve two people who have been together for long enough to form some sort of understanding and mutual bond. So wouldn’t it make sense for more breakups to be decided on mutual grounds? Sure, there will typically, if not always, be one person who initiates the final conversation, but after that discussion, wouldn’t you think both people would just let go? So why isn’t … Continue reading Why Breaking Up With Someone Is Never Mutual

It Won’t Happen Again

Truncated version from Elite Daily. It’s the saying we know all too well from many drunk, dressed-up girls’ nights out on the prowl. Fresh from a recent breakup, flushed with alcohol and a lack of inhibition, you spat, “I’m never doing that again.” Maybe it caught you by surprise or maybe you knew exactly what you were doing — either way, you made a misstep and … Continue reading It Won’t Happen Again

What Would I Want Him To Do Differently

1) Pay attention when I’m talking to him. 2) Include me in his life. 3) Be open with me. 4) Lead the relationship. 5) Share with me his problems. 6) Keep to his promises. 7) A relationship is about ‘us’ not ‘them’. 8) Let me be myself. 9) Be the man that I need him to be. 10) Love me just a little bit more. Continue reading What Would I Want Him To Do Differently

What Would I Do Differently?

1) Tell him that I love him. Everyday. 2) Look into his eyes whenever he’s talking to me. 3) Give him my time. 4) Let him lead the relationship. 5) Tell him that it is ‘ok’ to spend time with his friends. 6) Surprise him. 7) Make him smile, a little bit more. 8) Take things a little less seriously. 9) Everything is about ‘us’ … Continue reading What Would I Do Differently?

Orang Melayu

Inilah orang kita. Kasi peluang, tapi dibuang. Nak kerja tinggi, nak kerja senang, nak banyak duit – semuanya ‘nak’ tapi tak nak usaha. Susah sikit, muka panjang. Semuanya harap diberi. Cakap sikit, marah. Nanti cakap kita ni terlampu moden, tak ingat ‘orang sendiri’. Tapi cerminlah diri tu. Macam mana bangsa lain boleh didepan, kita ni asyik dibabitkan dengan ‘relek one corner’. Tolonglah. Bukalah minda Melayu … Continue reading Orang Melayu