Dear God

Dear God,

I’m not sure if I can do this anymore.
I miss him so damn much.
It’s just so hard, that I can’t even breathe.
I see his face;
every now and then.
Sometimes while I’m crossing the road,
and at times when I’m walking home.
It feels like I’m still in this nightmare,
that I’m never going to wake up from.
Ever so often, I wonder what is he up to?
If he’s feeling the same,
most likely not.
Have he so fast forgotten about me?
Have he found someone new?
Someone so much better than I do?
Who will love him more?
I don’t know and probably will ever find out.
Have pity on me, oh dear God.
For I’m just trying to live,
moving on, ever so slowly.
Without the person I love,
and would possibly keep on loving,
forever more.


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