It Won’t Happen Again

Truncated version from Elite Daily.

It’s the saying we know all too well from many drunk, dressed-up girls’ nights out on the prowl. Fresh from a recent breakup, flushed with alcohol and a lack of inhibition, you spat, “I’m never doing that again.”

Maybe it caught you by surprise or maybe you knew exactly what you were doing — either way, you made a misstep and now you two are done. You can choose to look at it as step backwards or you can gain something from it. Learning from your mistakes can be a tough way to grow up, though once you come out on the other side, you’re better for it. It’s not as life-changing as your period, but it still means something.

And, at the very least, you promise, swear, insist that you’ll never, ever, under any circumstances, do it again. Until next time…

1. Spend too much money on presents
Once you break up you’ll realize that A. you should have saved your money and B. when you find the person you love, it won’t matter how extravagant your gift is.

2. Plan a vacation too early
I knew I didn’t like him. Why didn’t I think to buy insurance on my airfare? We’re sad to see Maui go to waste too. Lesson learned.

3. Ditch your friends for him
They’re true blue friends when they stick out the breakup with you and don’t make you feel bad about the whole ditching thing. You’re a true blue friend because you know for certain that you won’t do this again.

4. Buy lingerie before it gets used
Lingerie is kind of like condoms — it can always be put on. Better luck next time.

5. Change your profile picture (So guilty of this!)
You feel bad having that photo, but you feel worse immediately switching it. Look on the bright side — now everyone will know you’re single again!

6. Tell people you’ve met The One
Too soon. Too soon. Holy crap. Yes.

7. Lose your independence
Don’t sacrifice who you are and what you enjoy for someone else. And that person equally shouldn’t expect you to do so. People admire you for being you, not being part of a couple.

8. Push him to do something he doesn’t want to do
Everyone has limitations and it’s important to know your partner’s boundaries. Understand the difference between encouraging and forcing.

9. Rely on him for emotional support
Knowing how to make your own happiness and finding self-acceptance is even more rewarding than having someone else do it for you. Reassurance is one thing, reliance is another.


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