Good Riddance 2014!

Another year has gone past, just like that.
I figured as I grow older, the better the year would be and that is the truth, in not so many words.

The first half of the year had been tough. I was over the breakup but needed to really leave it behind; which I’m thankful I did. I think I’m now stronger mentally.
In order to fully shake S off, I switched jobs. I knew that I had to do it. My brother told me that’s the last thing that I can do to move on with my life. He is right. I was also ready to go back to the busy lifestyle, which I know I’m really good at. I needed the mental stimulation, which I could get from the hours which the new office will give me. Everything else on the relationship, I have packed and stored them in a box, out of my reach. His friends, I have also mentally deleted from my mind and unfollowed them on social media. They were his friends and family first before they were my friends so it’s only fair that when shit hits the roof, he still gets to keep his friends while me, mine. I don’t hate him. Not even a little bit, not even a lot. I still do care for him deeply. I don’t think once a break up happens, the feelings suddenly disappears. My heart is big enough to care and love for so many people.

Halfway through the year, I’ve gotten a new job with awesomely smart clients and made some new friends. I’ve also grown closer to my friends and family. My brother bought me a MacBook Pro Retina for my birthday, I bought hundreds of shoes this year and travelled for a bit. More importantly, I’ve joined the gym to ensure that my health is pink and not to mention that I bare a grudge with the Victoria’s Secret models so I’m trying to match them. Not really. More of when I watch the fashion show, I won’t be too envious. Sadly, I’ve also lost some good friends along the way with them moving back or moving out of Singapore.

Towards the end of the year, I found the sweet spot for myself. I’ve learnt more things about myself by just putting myself, first. By putting yourself first, you love yourself more. And you deserve it! I also love better now, not expecting anything in return. I’ve also learnt that by giving love, it gets easier to be loved. You don’t need a relationship to know that you’re loved.

2015 would hopefully be an awesome year. I’ve already made some plans and waiting for it to crystallise.
Life can only get better from hereon.


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