And So I Thank You

“Take that rage, put it on a page
Take the page to the stage
Blow the roof off the place”

Today I remembered. Today I smiled. And today, I laughed. I laughed at what happened about 1.5 years ago. Looking at where I am now, I am proud to say that it doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

Someone so close to me told me to not focus on the sadness. Focus on the anger. Use the rage and make something worthwhile out of it. And along the way, learn something new about myself.

I did.

I’ve gotten what I wanted. I’m moving up the career ladder, faster than anticipated. I’m moving countries because there is a need over at the other side for my expertise and it’s the company which is moving me. I’ve won so many pitches. I’ve made more friends and kept the old ones – those who have no connection to you, of course. I’ve grown to love myself more and am so comfortable in my own skin. I didn’t lose myself. In fact, I found more than myself. I found a winner.

I’m not like you. No, I will never even think like you. I don’t go around aimlessly; not sure what I should be doing with my life, wasting all my money to pick up an education which I’m still not sure if it would change my mind on anything. You took 2 years to figure it out and still end up not knowing. On hindsight, I should have seen it. What you’re doing with your life would probably extrapolate to our relationship; and it did happen. I laughed. In fact, right now, I’m still laughing.

So, rather than have any ‘feelings’ to this situation, I should thank you. A huge thank you. Thank you for giving up and quitting on us.


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