Sorry, Not Sorry

One of my favorite (and funniest) sayings in life is from the movie, “Meet the Millers,” in which one of the characters has a tattoo that says, “No ragrets.”

While this isn’t really supposed to be an inspirational moment in the movie, I find it incredibly hilarious to quote and important to keep in my mind.

We tend to go through life with many regrets, or things we think we should be regretting, because of what others tell us. Life shouldn’t be this way. We are not supposed to live life with regrets at all because, as we’ve been told, everything teaches us a lesson.

But, no matter what you mother, brother, BFF or whomever else told you, there’s a good list of things I  never, ever feel bad for doing…

1) Choosing the wrong major in college
2) Making the wrong choice about college
3) Drinking too much that night
4) Dating a douche – ditto
5) Spending too much on something
6) Picking the wrong job
7) Yelling at someone you love
8) Leaving someone you love
9) Making/dating/going out with your ex’s best friend
10) Getting in trouble with the law
11) Not saying “I’m sorry”
12) Being too late
13) Having a bad attitude
14) Giving up
15) Who I am


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