Our New Cabinet

This is from my Facebook in which I’ve tagged our dearly beloved Prime Minister. I don’t think he would be responding but I’m sure he would be reading this.


Dear Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong,

I congratulate you & your team on the recent win in our GE. It was a well deserving win. I also would like to congratulate you on the unveiling of Singapore’s new Cabinet yesterday. It was a stellar line-up.

I currently reside in Jakarta because I was given the opportunity to work abroad – proving once again, Singapore’s number 1 export is still its people. This is thanks to Singapore, a country which has given me a lot of room to grow. And it’s also because of a country like Singapore it is why women get to be at the forefront, able to depend on ourselves and still be able to have a family. Case in point: Tin Pei Ling. Dr Amy Khor, Mrs Josephine Teo, Dr Intan Azura Binte Mokhtar etc.

Looking at your new Cabinet line-up, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. There is only one woman holding a leadership position; Ms Grace Fu. There are a lot of questions running through my head. Are the women in your party not good enough to be part of your line-up? I’m sure that’s not the case, seeing that there were so many new and younger faces who were introduced at the recent GE; which was the main reason why I marked the box next to PAP. As the younger generation who will be seeing my country, Singapore, grow, I want to see the younger faces in the Cabinet. Simply put, I (and possibly a lot more Singaporean) want to see women in your Cabinet. Stop giving them the supporting roles, give them the main roles, please.

It’s just so liberating to see countries, which are able to support these decisions – may it be in or out of politics. I mean, I do not need to mention names like Hillary Clinton, Julie Bishop, Sujata Koirala etc.

Singapore produces world-class citizens, both males and females. We are leading the world in many different things; why not start with women holding leadership roles in politics? Singapore may be small but we are “lethal”. How true – that can also be said for women as well.

Yours humbly,

Image taken from The Straits Times

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