Oh Where Have I Been?

Between sorting dad out and concentrating on work, I’ve been pretty much neglecting this blog. I think it has served its purpose. But you ask, “what is its purpose?”. Well it’s just a place for me, like a diary of sorts to air my grievances and to just let some steam off.

So what have I been up to?
Got a new job.
Loved the new job.
Made some new friends.
Kept the old friends.
Lied to by people whom I’ve trusted and respected.
Decided to leave the job because of the reason above.

So fast forward to now, I’m just busy figuring out my next move. More than anything, I just need the break. The past year have been tiring. It took a lot of my energy and it’s time to focus on me, myself and I. That’s what I’ve promised myself. 2017 (although this is February), it’s all going to be about me. As a Gemini, I’ve been caring for others’ feelings a little too much that I’ve forgotten the most important person; myself. When you forgot about your own well-being, you will not get anywhere. Even with how much money you’ve made or is currently making, when you don’t love yourself, you’ll feel nothing at the end of the day. And that is exactly how I’m feeling right now. To stop putting others first but myself.

I’ll possibly travel for a bit in the month of March before figuring out my next move. And when that happens, you’ll know that I’ve forgiven myself for neglecting my heart.


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